Alison Cope

- Anti violence Campaigner -

Wolverhampton Army Cadet feedback

Gary Younge - The Guardian

"The talk Alison gave was great and I could relate to it. I enjoyed everything and it made me think twice about knives."

​"It has made me think about actions and the impact it has on not only me but my family and others"

"Real talk... it was different and made me realise there are consequences."

"Everything was good about this session. There were no faults and it gave me a different look at life."

"It has made me think about the impact of carrying a knife."

"Alison has made me understand the life we live and the presentation related to our life experiences."

"It gave me a different way to look at life and at the consequences."

"I enjoyed meeting Joshua Ribera's mum, although it was depressing it can help influence inmates not to be violent. It's made me appreciate how precious life is."

"The crime you commit can affect others and she gave us an insight to other people's perspectives."

"I think this session can change lives and make young people think twice."

"It was amazing and want to see more sessions like this."

- Feltham young offenders

"Hi Alison, a couple of years ago I was lucky enough to attend one of your heartbreaking talks about your beautiful son and knife crime at a college in Coventry. It completely touched my heart as it would many, but it touched mine because at that time my 14 year old daughter was troubled, she had hit a downward spiral that was completely out of character and she lost her way, as her mum I was scared, and I could relate to so much to what you saying. That evening I went home and broke down to her, I had spoke to her many times but this time was different, I told her I had met you I told her about josh who she knew as Depzman, she listened and cried , for the first time ever I knew what I was saying had gone in, they werent my words they were yours. From that day on she started turning her life around, moved schools and got away from the bad crowd. She’s now preparing for her GCSEs and is predicted A* in modt subjects she even won an award for student of the year and intends to go on to do her A levels and get a job in finance for a high end car company. A few weeks ago she met you, you spoke at wmg academy in Coventry and she remembered our conversation. She is so grateful to you for changing her life and she told me she had to speak to you so you could see that you were making a difference. Alison from the bottom of my heart thankyou" ❤️ Xx

- Anon

"Aw.. glad to no you still remember me 😂😂 I’m pleased for myself that I managed to turn things around.. you coming to Rainsbrook really done wonders.. Even though my situation was a little different I realised that things can change.. as long as I wanted them too! Im always here for you too! Your the beautiful amazing one.. and your the one that will continue to change lives! Your very special Love ya" xxxxx❤️

- A former inmate at Rainsbrook Young offenders

"The workshop you delivered in our youth club in ********* was amazing. The way you delivered your workshop and the language you used meant that all of our young people could relate to what you were saying. You spoke to them on their level, which they all really appreciated. The young people have had other workshops delivered on the topic of knife crime, and have expressed that they sometimes feel the person delivering the workshop looks at them as if they have already committed the crime. The young people loved the way you spoke to them, you made them feel as though you didn't hold any authority and they actually wanted to listen to what you had to say. It was clear that the young people had a lot of respect for you and they appreciated the fact that you saw them as young people and not as potential criminals.
The young people we work with are hard to reach and rarely engage in workshops for more then 5 minutes. What was amazing about your workshop is that you had the attention of every young person in the room and they were totally focused on what you were saying. The fact that you were so open with the young people and your son was someone they knew of, made the story so much more relatable for everyone there."

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